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When you access the Internet with your web browser, a lot of things happen that are hidden to you. The browser and the website exchange "headers" that define the behaviour of the browser's cache system, create or use cookies, tell the website who you are and where you came from, and so on. Moreover, the page's html code contains hidden tags or javascript programs that control the browser's behaviour, such as "mouse-over" animation, page layering, URL masking or pop-up messages. And last but not least, the page often contains ads and banners that pollute the screen and slow down your web experience. Proximodo acts as a mediator between the browser and the website. It "sees" everything that is going on and, according to your choices, modifies headers and html page content on-the-fly to make things right. You don't want pop-ups and banners? Just activate the corresponding filters and they will disappear. You want cookies to be deleted when you close your browser? Proximodo will do it for you. You want a fast navigation in the pages you already visited? Page caching will be forced.

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